Sziget Festival

Some people go to Sziget festival to enjoy the music and have fun, some (who usually have no money to be wasted for this commercial mainstream fest) go there for a different reason. So, following the rumors that it is possible to dumpster a lot of interesting stuff at the camp site after the end of Sziget, I went to check if this statement is true or not.

At the end I went there two times, and there were a lot of other dumpster divers there too, but it was enough of trash and leftovers of the party for everyone. The hardest parts were getting to the premises of the camping site and also carrying the stuff back to the city. But overall it was a fruitful try – I dumpstered 7 tents (apparently, some tents lack sticks), some food, sun cream and shampoo, toilet paper, small toys and a huge Dutch flag. You can see yourself the stuff that was abandoned at the Sziget and rescued by me at the pictures.

The tents

The stuff

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