Elite bums decided to travel in Croatia to enjoy the sea, the sun and good food. Of course, our attention could not fail to be attracted to some trash. Generally, Croatia is not really dumpster diver’s friendly country, but it is still possible to find some food and interesting stuff in the trash there.

Our first destination was Zagreb. There we did not see too many homeless or bums who were searching anything in the trash. Some people were searching plastic bottles, and it seemed that they were really ashamed of their activity.

We have no shame towards the trash, so we were dumpster diving anywhere where we were going. We dumpstered plastic and glass beer bottles. Apparently, only the plastic ones were successfully exchanged for the money, as the system with the glass ones is as follows: you need to give 10 glass beer bottles and then you can get 1 beer for free.

We were also searching some trash bins on our way, and we found some books, sweets, clothes and some funny stuff like a broken laptop or golden earrings.

Next thing we did was dumpster diving at the small market. We got a box of good or relatively good quality vegetables. The trash bins were really clean unlike the ones in Budapest.

Then we were travelling around the country, so we did not really dumpster dive. Once in Sibenik we got the whole box of fresh grapes and several kilos of tomatoes and some zucchini at the market. The other time we found some outdated¬†yogurts in the trash of a hipermarket at the outskirts of Zadar. Generally, the supermarket trash is closed behind the bars at the loading and unloading area, as well as destroyed.¬†But there were some exceptions in Zadar and Porec, but their trash was of really low quality. There were actually 3 big hipermarkets in that area of Zadar where we were staying, but we could not dumpster anything from the other 2 as the trash was behind the bars. As we could not find anything there, we started walking. Suddenly we saw a kiosk with “Market” written on it, and behind the kiosk we discovered a box of expired cans and spices. Some of them were still good and edible, so we took some with us.

As our aim was not dumpster diving but rather having holidays, we did not dive in the trash too much. But the call of trash was stronger than us, so we decided to end our trip in the dumpster diving paradise, Trieste.

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