Sep 26 2012

Love and Trash Blog

“Love and Trash is a DIY blog for people who do things differently.”

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Sep 25 2012

I Love Trash Film

I Love Trash is a documentary about dumpster diving. Two friends decide to do an experiment in trash. They rent an unfurnished apartment and arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and a flashlight. They decide not to buy any things for 3 months and instead to find all their needs in the trash. They furnish their apartment lavishly. They eat decadently. They dress sharp, and create beautiful art, all from the trash.

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Sep 19 2012

I Love Trieste

Welcome to dumpster diver’s paradise! Trieste, an Italian city on the border with Slovenia has a lot of treasure for the dumpster divers. Trash bins are full of food and stuff. Several hours walk may result in kilos of free stuff in your hands. The way we managed to carry all the stuff we dumpstered back to Budapest is still a mystery. It was like 2 persons + 10 bags + 5 cars = Budapest.

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Sep 10 2012


Elite bums decided to travel in Croatia to enjoy the sea, the sun and good food. Of course, our attention could not fail to be attracted to some trash. Generally, Croatia is not really dumpster diver’s friendly country, but it is still possible to find some food and interesting stuff in the trash there.

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