Nov 28 2011

Discovering New Horizons

fruitWhere can one go dumpster diving on Monday around 5p.m.? Right, try going to a market. Right before closing time. First, we were thinking of going to the central big market, but then we thought that it was too late, so, we just went to Rakoci market which is closer to the BASE. There is no trash at the market itself, so we had to go to the ‘secret’ place that is sometimes open and where you can find some trash. There was almost no edible trash there, but still in one of the huge trash bins we discovered loads of reddish with rotten leaves. So, I had to literally dive into it as the reddish was at the very bottom of the bin. This was not enough, so we decided to check another market nearby – the Hunyadi square market.

On the way there we have discovered a very interesting source of trash – a trash bin of a hotel standing at the parking space. There we dumpstered quite a lot of hotel soap, shampoo, slippers, eye cover for sleeping, as well as some food. My favourite object was a ginger bread heart from Oktoberfest in Munich.As we got to Hunyadi market, the first thing we did was going to the ‘secret’ place with the trash from the market, and there we discovered some fruit and tomatoes. The worker came in after 1 minute, but he was patient enough to wait for us to finish dumpster diving. So, at the end, we have got two big packages of stuff!