Nov 24 2011

Go Freegan!

pigfood„There are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world, but the approximately 40 million tonnes of food wasted by US households, retailers and food services each year would be enough to satisfy the hunger of every one of them.“ Tristram Stuart, „WASTE“.

This is a blog about dumpster diving and freegan way of life.
Dumpster (trash bin or container) diving (like diving in the water) means searching things and food in trash.
Freegan = FREE + vegAN. Free means that a person is free from the capitalism and consumption, vegan means that a person does not consume animal products. Not all freegans are vegan though, but the idea is that anything that is thrown away is already purchased by someone who does not care about vegan philosophy and principles, so the dumsptered animal products can be consumed as they have already gone through the consumption cycle. Freegans tend to leave minimal ecological footprint by recycling commodities that have been thrown away by others. They have an alternative lifestyle based on independence from profit-driven economy and consumerism. Major freegan principles include sharing, solidarity, care about the environment, and FREEDOM.
I will post mostly my everyday freegan experiences ranging from dumpster diving in various cities to the practices of FreeShops (social aspect) and saving energy and resources (environmental aspect).

More facts about waste:

Freegan philosophy: