Dec 25 2011

Dumpster Diving. X-mas Edition

As December 25 is Sunday, we decided to go dumpster diving that night. As we did not have much time, we just checked several streets in teh 7th district. We went there around midnight. We found some toys, lamps, clothes and a lot of church candles. Of course, there was a lot of X-mas package in the trash, but we did not take it. Later on, as it got even later at night, or rather Monday morning, we went to Aldi in the 9th district to check the trash there.

We decided to do so as when I was around the supermarket earlier on Sunday I have discovered 5 trash bags full with good bread and pastry that was supposed to expire 2 days later, on Decemebr 28. So, as we came to the supermarket, the bags were still there, and apparently, nobody even discovered their existance, although I saw several dumpster divers in that area before. So, we took the bread to the Club, as well as 1 trash bag full of bread with us to make “guerilla breading”. We just left the bread on the ram and bus stops in the 9th and the 8th districts. We were doubting how much time it would take for the bread to be taken from the stops. On the first tram stop where we left the bread, it disappeared in less than 5 minutes. While we were waiting for the tram, we were observing the people collecting the bread.
This was the first time we find ANYTHING in this supermarket.