Norway… Dumpstering? No Way!!! 🙂

Yes, it is possible. The truth is that almost nobody does this here. Maybe in Oslo people do it, I have no clue about it. But most of the country lives on social benefits, immigrants dive into trash for the bottles (1 bottle is ca. 20 Eurocent). ‘Poor’ means here that a single mother with three kids cannot buy them branded clothes or the bicycles of the latest model. And still they get social help that should be enough for several dozens families in, say, Zimbabwe.

Supermarkets here also close their trash. The city trash is quite often under a lock. But, of course, ther eare supermarkets that do not bother closing their trash bins. Who would even think of dumpster diving here anyway? Well, me!

When I visit a small town on the South-Western coast of Norway, I drop by one of the supermarkets here in the late evening. They have 6 or sometimes 7 trash bins FULL with mostly good quality food. One can find here vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, milk products, bread (usually it is with fungus) and even flowers. The strategy of throwing away the food is that if one or several fruit in the package got rotten, the whole kilo of them is thrown away. Once I found lots of milk that was expiring just 2 days from the date it was thrown away. This time I found lots of stuff, but, of course, I took just maybe 3% of it. The only companero dumpster diver I met at the trash bins was the local cat… A fat one 🙂 The rest of the ‘fat cats’ prefer buying things…

Evening #1. Strawberries 🙂

Evening #2. Vegan part

Evening #2. Non-vegan stuff


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